Wildland Packing Pouches (set)

Wildland Packing Pouches (set)

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Dimensions: Large: Height: 12", Width: 7", Depth: 5" Small: Height: 9", Width: 5.5 ", Depth: 3"

Weight: 68g / 0.15lbs

Volume: small: 3L Large: 5L

For keeping your loose times dry and neatly organized while out on your backwoods adventure or day hike, fill these convenient pouches with cooking or fire-starting items and simply throw them in your bag. Built to take a lifetime of travelling abuse, the Wildland Packing Pouches are made of durable diamond Ripstop nylon, with a YKK zipper and pull tabs.
Comes in a set of two, with one large and one small pouch.